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Contact Dean

I’m based in Indented Head on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. All MAIL should be sent to the postal address below:

PO Box 1053
St Leonards Vic 3223

You won’t find a phone number listed here. You can read below for my reasons why. As you’ll discover, I prefer contact via email (or using the message form at the bottom of this page if you don’t have my email address).

Road sign at the Nullarbor Roadhouse, outback South Australia
Have stopped in at the Nullarbor Roadhouse in outback South Australia a couple of times in the last couple of years!

Contact Hours

Limited business contact hours (2016 and onwards):

  • 11:30am-2:30pm AEST/AEDT, Tuesdays to Thursdays (excluding public holidays). You can always use time.is to check my time zone if it is different to your own.

Email is my preferred contact method. If you don’t already have my email address, the best way to contact me is via the contact form below, and to leave a message.

Communications Preferences and Habits

The information below is intended to assist you with expectations about my communication habits:

  • I do not often have my phone nearby and only use social media for family and friends. If you want to discuss something on the phone, your best option is to leave a message first via my contact form. Then, if appropriate, we can arrange a suitable telephone appointment time to talk. Ensure you include details in your message about your reason for the call.
  • I will endeavour to get back to you within 3 to 4 working days, depending on my travel and schedule (and if I’m within range of phone service!).
  • My contact hours as shown above are deliberately limited to allow me to focus on projects and production work without the interruption of incoming calls/contact. These are my maximum potential contact hours: there may be times during these hours where I am not available. I usually plan my working days several days in advance, so it is likely that I already have other commitments at these times.
  • At the same time, that’s not to say I only have 9 hours per week for business projects. That time frame represents my contact hours, not my total hours.
  • Please ensure any phone calls and messages are left in business hours only. My mobile phone is rarely — if ever — answered live, so please leave a message if you’d like a response. Incoming calls are usually picked up by my voicemail. I don’t respond to hang-up calls. Please do not call after hours or weekends and public holidays.
  • Unless otherwise arranged in advance, please allow 3-4 full business days for a response. While at times I respond to messages sooner, or occasionally outside of business hours, you should not expect a response except as above.

I don’t apologise for being difficult at times to contact: otherwise I’d be wasting far too much time on distractions. That’s unproductive for me and thus doesn’t allow me to serve you as best I can for the limited time I have available.

Personally I think too many folk let a ringing phone take precedence over what we might else be doing; or an out-of-hours incoming email demand an almost instant reply. Sure, sometimes it’s convenient to reply or respond straight away. But too often nowadays there’s an unrealistic expectation* that we’re “always on and available”, with technology being available to us 24/7. That’s not how I view technology: it CAN be convenient without being intrusive!

Of course, if you don’t like my habits, that’s fine with me; frankly, that’s none of my business.

* As an aside, I did think this email footer note that my wife received recently and showed me was quite well said for nowadays: “At ________ we work flexibly. If I’m sending this email out of business hours, I don’t expect you to read, action or respond outside of your own normal work hours.”

Phone Appointments

Appointments MUST be arranged in advance. Email first to arrange an suitable appointment time. Please appreciate that due to work scheduling, you will have to wait several days and sometimes longer. Priority is given to current projects and deadlines for existing clients. For client calls regarding active projects, I generally aim to make time for your appointment call within 24-48 hours (depending on travel and my schedule).

Contact Form

Alternatively, you can use the contact form below to send me a message. The same response times apply. Please note that at least your name and message are required (*). If we don’t already know each other, and you don’t leave me your optional contact details below, please don’t expect me to get back to you. Same too if you’re pitching something I haven’t asked you for. Rest assured that disclosing your email address will not add you to any kind of mailing list. All information is treated confidentially.