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Marketing services are designed to attract, retain and grow your customer list. Get the attention of the right prospects; keep them coming back for more and continue to add more customers. Ideas that help you stand out and be effective — often much more economical (and value) than you’d imagine.

Finding affordable and effective solutions that are designed to build client TRUST.

Travel marketing is one of my specialties. I have worked with select travel agents and wholesalers across several well-known brands (for more than 25 years) to create persuasive travel marketing projects. This includes custom escorted tour brochures, custom itinerary maps and proposals, both printed and online, as well as a range of complementary marketing materials.

Put more than 34 years of graphic design experience to work on your business or project. Both online (digital) and offline (print) design that helps make your communication responsive. I’ve worked on client projects from tiny keyring designs to retail window posters and freeway billboards, full page newspaper ads (and liftouts), longer form print proposals, directories and multi-page sales letters and brochures, along with digital design from small icons to social media graphics, logos and business branding and more.

Design is often combined with affordable business printing through Neptune Printing.

A couple of my specialty design services for travel agents include custom tour maps for agents marketing their own fully-escorted groups, and specialised professional editing of wholesaler-supplied PDF documents you need to forward to clients but with some changes or branding.

Business communication is nothing like the English I learned in school! Use effective copy techniques to grab the attention of prospects and customers to help make your message more effective.

While in the past this copy may have ended up in a Yellow Pages ad (even full page, text-heavy ads) or a full page newspaper ad, nowadays that can be an email, mailed letter and proposal to a client or prospect, a printed or downloadable lead generation report, printed or emailed newsletter or feature article for a blog, flyers and postcards, a sales brochure, award nomination entry, display banners, printed books and more…

From one-step media releases to corporate newsletters, letters to sponsors, supporters, customers and statutory stakeholders, good PR can magnify your message or even help raise interest in issues. Address negative feedback, pitch a proposal or announce news.

I’ve created effective and responsive corporate proposals and  presentations (PDF, PowerPoint), sales presentations for prospective clients or award nominations, event workbooks and sales materials for public speakers, job-getting resumes and interviews, responses to customer complaints, letters and briefings for government and corporate audiences, sponsorship request proposals and letters and more.

One sponsorship letter I wrote (to a worldwide, well-known aviation brand) secured a multi-year major event sponsorship in the travel industry — a single, multi-page letter to one very well-targeted prospective sponsor, getting their attention and ultimately their sponsorship. They were so impressed with the letter they asked to meet me in person at the first event!

I’ve been helping small businesses and non-profit organisations create websites since 1996. Yes, back before the days of Google, when Netscape Navigator was still in beta, all web pages had the same grey background colour and the <blink> tag was unfortunately rather popular. All coding was in a text editor. I still remember the news when the Japanese Government launched its first website. I won’t bore you with stories of optimising graphics by anti-aliasing files manually and rigorously limited the GIF colours on my then CGA monitor!

My bespoke website development focus is on smaller information-based sites that are responsive and effective. Create a professional website that can attract new leads and prospects or help existing customers (without taking up extra time in your day)… complete with a custom domain name, professional, custom email address and more.

You can integrate features like surveys and forms, email marketing platforms and simple booking or event management tools.

Smaller sites range from 1 to around 120 pages. These are info-based sites, not e-commerce driven or with dynamic databases (like a live booking engine, etc). We can include sites with a very small number of products to sell, or add in features like external booking and appointment systems, and even provide ways to more easily manage events you post on your site, but e-commerce and dynamic sites are not my specialty. Same too for social media and active email and SEO marketing.

The widely-used and supported WordPress content management platform is used in most situations. That means your future editing and changes are easier and simple to implement from anywhere, by yourself, without paying for someone like me to do simple updates (although I CAN provide maintenance and care plans for you). And with millions of developers using the platform, you’re not locked in to a proprietary system or the often-associated excessive fees that come with such a setup.

For very simple “micro sites”, some of these are still coded by hand, using HTML and CSS or simple frameworks or Adobe Dreamweaver, where it isn’t necessary to install several thousand files and a SQL database to power the site (as happens with WordPress).

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Wisebiz is Dean Kennedy’s brandmark. Under this identity, Dean offers select small business clients and entrepreneurs a boutique service providing responsive communications in marketing, public relations and design (print and electronic).

Project openings are extremely limited and available only for existing clients or limited word of mouth referrals. I am not planning for any expansion of this arrangement in the future.

  • Send all mail to: PO Box 1053, St Leonards Vic 3223, Australia
  • Email: use this contact form to send me an online message
  • Limited business contact hours (2016 onwards): 11:30-2:30pm AEST/AEDT, Tuesdays to Thursdays (excluding public holidays).


Email is my preferred contact method. If you don’t already have my email address, the best way to contact me is via the contact form linked above, and to leave a message.

The contact page linked above expands on my communications habits and preferences and is recommended reading.


Signed by Dean

Dean Kennedy

PS: Were you expecting to see a big fancy website? After all, my profession is marketing and websites are one of my specialties (I’ve been designing them commercially since 1996).

Alas, no. I used to blog a LOT more (I even won a worldwide blog competition in the mid-2000s with a USD$5,000-plus prize), in the past, and have always taken a passionate interest in marketing: I love it! It keeps me curious. I also used to actively incorporate a LOT of direct response marketing tools and tactics to get business.

But nowadays, I’m like the hairdresser with messy hair. Except in my case, as I don’t actively market for new clients, and only offer very limited project openings… as fun as it would be, it’s just not necessary. When I get a chance, I may add a portfolio here of past client projects. Can’t promise it’ll be soon though, or at all!